Testimonials & Quotes

We are now able to offer a way of displaying feedback by means of testimonials, and the ability to add quotes throughout your site.


Our testimonials system allows you to add a number of testimonials, on a page by page basis. For instance, you could add feedback from your pupils to a specific subject pages to show how they enjoy that subject, or feedback from parents on your breakfast and after-school clubs page.


Originally the quotes system was a way for religious schools to display bible quotes that would appear at the bottom of each page, but the system could equally be used to display inspirational quotes or as an alternative to the Testimonials system.

You can add a selection of quotes and when your web pages load, a quote is slected at random (taken from the pool of available quotes) and displayed at the bottom of the page. It's a good idea to add lots of quotes if you don't want them to appear repetitive, and you can add and remove quotes as often as you like.