Our CMS allows you to manage all aspects of your website.

We have made significant improvements, and added exciting new features to the latest version of our CMS, and customers now have full control of their front page, including the ability to choose between using images (slideshow) or video for the main website header.

It is easier than ever to maintain pages, with the ability to re-order the website structure by renaming and moving pages - these changes are immediately reflected in the public website navigation.

Within the main website pages you will find a new HTML editor that makes it simple to edit your textual page content and apply formatting, as well as insert images and links. Our page management system allows you to easily add and manage collections of files, links. images and videos within each page.

We all want to know how many people have been looking at our websites, and what are the most popular pages. We now provide Fathom Analytics as standard with our new system. We moved away from Google Analytics as it is notorious for harvesting massive amounts of detail from website visitors, and for its use of tracking cookies.

Click here to find out more about our new GDPR compliant Website Visitors Statistics package.