Image/Video Banner

Video Banners

It is now possible to select a YouTube video to show as the banner for your homepage (or any other page); this is a great way to show off your school or services with custom videos and create an immediate visual impact.

YouTube Logo

Streaming the banner videos from YouTube means you can use long videos rather than conventional short loops, and as YouTube is a dedicated video streaming service, there is no strain on your website or our webserver.

It is very straightforward to manage your website video banner(s); simply visit YouTube to locate your video, copy the URL,  then paste into your website admin. You can also set an optional caption and sub-heading to overlay on the video. The video is displayed without any YouTube branding and you can update/replace it as often as you want. Like the image banners, we can configure any page to  have a video header like the one on this page. Note that audio is not played.

* The video shown above is a custom video belonging to All Saints Benhilton School.

Image Slideshows

If you prefer a more conventional carousel of images for your homepage, you are now able to upload your own images.  Use our simple upload facility and our in-built cropping tool to ensure the pictures are the correct size and aspect ratio which ensures continuity between images. Add optional captions and sub-headings for each slide, with custom background colours and transitions. Look at our Demo Homepage to see an example of a basic image slideshow.

Although the image/video banner is normally just for the homepage, we can configure any page to have its own banner which you can manage.