Members Pages

Our membership system enables a section or selected pages to be set as viewable by 'members' only. Like other pages on your site these pages can contain text/images/video/files/links, but access is restricted. Extra tools are provided to the administrator so they can view/amend existing members and add new ones.

  • As a school you may want an area where useful files are available to your governors or maybe your PTA.
  • As a charity or an organisation that offers help, you may want to share some information with your strategic partners.
  • As a club, you can use the members area to add value to paid membership for your club members.

Whilst this system offers private pages and they are secure, files are stored in the cloud and as such we still strongly recommend that very sensitive documents and information are never stored on the website. In the case of schools and government departments, you should always adhere to your organisations policies regarding the storing and sharing of sensitive documents.