About Us

Machew LLP was formed by Dylan Mackey and Christopher Chew in April 2019.

Dylan worked as a 3D Animator for Aircom Education in the late 1990's, creating educational content which was used for the Times Education Series of Multimedia CD-ROMS, as well as developing training materials for the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Ordnance Survey, Nokia and Ericsson. Dylan realised that the Internet was the way forward, and re-trained as a web developer in order to help Aircom create one of the first online subscription services for schools in the UK (The Education Highway). Having later joined Cygnet IT as Internet Support Officer, he proposed and then built a web service for schools which enabled them to manage their own websites.

Christopher is an experienced and talented coder who has developed many bespoke systems for a variety of companies. When Christopher joined Cygnet he was able to use his knowledge of coding to take the website for schools system (formerly called MISite) to the next level. Christopher has built an intuitive administration system, which is now used by charities, clubs and local government departments. There are no unnecessary or gimmicky features cluttering up the admin interface, which makes it perfect for use by non-technical people. With off-the-shelf Content Management Systems like Wordpress there are features built in that you will never use, and which can make the site vulnerable to being hacked, whereas Christopher has built the Machew CMS so it only has the features you actually need.

Shortly after leaving Cygnet, Dylan & Christopher took on the website customer base from Cygnet, so some of the customer sites they currently host and support have been with them for over 12 years.

The ease of use of the Machew website system is always a pleasant surprise to new customers, especially if they have used other content management systems before.