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File Download & Search Tracking

Files downloads are now tracked and statistics added to the website analytics so you can see which files on your website are being downloaded the most. The file tracking also includes files attached to News items like the PDF file attached to theis news item.

We also track searches made via our new Site Search feature. Like File Downloads, data about searches is added to the website statistics.

To monitor file downloads and search terms used by visitors, go to your website statistics page and scroll down to the events section. You will see the file titles and search terms and to the right of that you will see a column called 'Unique Completions' - this is how many people have downloaded the file or used a specific search term.

image representing news article News & Tips

Table Importing

HTML tables can be a pain to get right. Our new table import tool allows easy importing of tables from Word documents, Excel files and CSV's. Find out more.

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News & Events Carousels

We've added an exciting way to promote upcoming events and/or display news on the front page of your website.

Upcoming events or news items are shown on a revolving carousel along with an image, title and partial description. If you do not add an image then a default image will be used (normally your logo).

image representing news article News & Tips

New Site Search

We are pleased to announce that we now have a search function!

Our search facility is built into the website and directly accesses the website database, looking at page titles, page content and file names for the search term you entered.

Some school websites utilise Google Custom Search (CSE), but this presents your visitors with unwanted adverts which we think is unacceptable, especially as the school has little or no control over the adverts that are displayed. Our system does not involve 3rd parties, and it certainly does not show unsolicited adverts.