Customer Support

Before Cygnet IT was formed they were called MIS and were part of the London Borough of Sutton Council, providing technical support to all primary schools in Sutton along with some secondary schools. As Internet Support Officers for MIS/Cygnet we not only provided support for the websites for schools service, but also managed domain names, web filtering and mail systems as well as providing advice and assistance with Google GSuite and Microsoft products to the Network Managers and school IT technicians.

Having worked closely with schools for so long we understand how they work and what is required to provide a modern school website.

We work closely with several Local Government departments, enabling them to have independant websites which are seperate from their main council website; this gives them their own identity and raises their profile.

We also have a customer help section with support videos to walk customers through common tasks like adding news items, managing files and updating banner pictures or video.

We know how to provide outstanding support.