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A Virtual Tour of Hackbridge Primary School (London Road Site)

Drag mouse= Explore. Mouse wheel= Zoom. Double click= Fullscreeen.

What is a Virtual Tour and why have one?

Virtual tours are a single 360° photo, or a series of inter-linked 360° degree photos that allow website visitors to explore your school, premises or showroom. We go further and add interactive elements to engage your visitors with embedded information pop-ups, pictures, and video (if required).

With the Coronavirus social distancing measures set to continue for a while longer, allowing people to explore your environment without physically having to visit is more useful than ever, and safer for everyone.

The tours can be embedded in any website and they do not require any special setup or 'plugins' to view them. If you subscribe to the Machew Content Management System then we can embed the tours into your website for you with no additional hosting costs.

Schools & Nurseries

Reassure parents about safety and cut down the need for visits.
Both parents and pupils who have yet to return to school, can explore new classroom layouts or view one way systems you have put in place. Events such as art exhibitions can be physically set up and we can then photograph and prepare a Virtual exhibition for you.

Small Businesses

For many, the way you run your business has changed.
If you rely on customers visiting your premises you may need to show them what measures you have taken to ensure their safety, and reassure them it is safe to do business with you. If you have a showroom you can allow people to view without a physical visit.

Photographic Services

Complete Photographic Service

We have been working with high end photographic equipment and techniques for many years and ere highly skilled in digital post-processing. As part of our image processing we can manipulate photos to remove unwanted items (stains, blu-tack on walls, bins or other items).

In addition to 360˚ photography, we can also take quality DSLR photographs to include within your Virtual Tour.

A picture is worth a thousand words.... a 360˚ interactive Virtual Tour is a phenomenal way of sharing information with your website visitors.

Virtual Tour Features

Below you can see some of the interactivity we can add to your 360 degree images.

Navigate between places

Clickable hotspots within the 360° space allow viewers to move between locations.

Information pop-ups

Users can click images or icons which then provide more detailed information.

Image pop-ups

Additional images or photos can be accessed by clicking links within the tour.

Embedded Video

Video can be accessed within the tour (from your server, YouTube or Vimeo).

Web Links

Hotspots can open other websites within your tour or another browser tab.

Directional Audio

Narration, sound effects or music can be added to your tour if required.


We ensure that your tour conveys the style and colours that your users are used to, ensuring the Virtual Tour fits nicely into your web site.

Why choose us?

We are a small friendly business. We don't have a sales team, we don't have expensive suits, we don't enjoy endless meetings; come to us and we'll get the job done for you with the minimum of fuss.

Quality Photography

Experienced photographer using the latest 360° camera to provide superb quality 360 photographs.


Engage your visitors with custom built-in features to enhance your tour with valuable information.

Web Ready

Finished tours are ready to be included in your website, even if you don't use our website hosting service.

Quality Assurance

We follow web standards to ensure your Virtual Tour is viewable within different web browsers on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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