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Machew LLP is jointly owned and maintained by Dylan Mackey and Christopher Chew. Machew LLP was formed in April 2019.

We specialise in providing websites that utilise our custom Content Management Systems (CMS). Our CMS enables our clients to securely update their website content with ease - there is no need to learn HTML or mess with code. We can supply everything you need, including domain name purchase and configuration. We also supply Cloud based website hosting which is secure, reliable and incredibly fast.

Until recently (March 2019) we both worked for Cygnet IT in Carshalton where we created and supported a service that provided website solutions to a number of schools and local charities. We are pleased to announce that Machew LLP are now hosting and supporting those customers, and developing our web site service further with new features.

We are now able to offer Virtual Tours for schools and small businesses. Virtual Tours use 360˚ photography to enable web site visitors to explore your premises, whether that is a school, a shop or a wedding venue. We add interactive elements to the panoramic images to create an engaging, informative and fun new element to your website. Look at our Virtual Tours web page for more details.

Schools & Nurseries

We specialise in providing websites for schools.
Our Content management System (CMS) allows your non-technical staff to maintain your school website. Our CMS enables you to keep visitors and parents up to date with the latest news, events and curriculum information, whilst maintaining compliance with government guidelines.

Charities & Clubs

Great pricing and outstanding support.
The Machew CMS is the perfect solution for charities and clubs with a restricted budget. Your website helps keep your members and/or the public informed about your activities and can also allow people to donate online. Contact Us and hear what we can do for your organisation.

Small Businesses

No-nonsense approach and quick setup.
There are web services available that allow you to create your own website but we know you don't have time for that as you have a business to run! If you have a leak, you call a plumber you can trust- if you need a professional website for your business let us know, we're here to help.

SuttonSites Content Management System

Manage your site with ease

We believe very strongly in providing functional and easy to use web sites with minimal setup time. You will not be paying a premium for endless consultancy meetings and features you don't actually need.

Whilst our CMS means that you are able to update your own website, we are on hand to assist and ensure you are getting the most out of your website.

CMS Features

The Machew Content Management System has the following features.

Edit Page Content

Easily edit the text on your pages and use formatting features to style as you require.

News Section

Parents, members or customers can be kept up to date with your latest news or event information.

File downloads

Make files available to download, whether it be school policies, newsletters or product brochures.


List your staff, governors or committee with ease, as basic lists or profiles with photographs.

Curriculum and Class Pages

Display your curriculum information and forecasts. Maintain your curriculum and show off coursework.

Web Links

Maintain pages of useful links that direct your site visitors to useful websites and other resources.

Members/Secure Area

If you have the need for a secure area where you can store information which only staff or members should have access to, we can supply this. Along with administration tools so you can add, suspend and remove access for your users. We can also customise the password requirements to comply with your security policies.

Why choose us?

It can be a complicated process setting up your first website or updating your existing web presence. We supply everything you need and have years of experience in website design, site hosting and providing outstanding technical support for our customers.

Domain Names

If you haven't yet got a domain name we can advise on choosing and purchasing one and configure it for you.

Web Hosting

We offer incredibly reliable and secure hosting for your website. Our new Cloud based hosting is extremely fast.


Our outstanding support means that any technical issues are quickly responded to and efficiently dealt with.

Quality Assurance

We follow web standards to ensure your website is viewable within different web browsers on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We also make sure your website is optimised for Google to ensure your site can be easily found.

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